Nimbo Posterior Posture Walker

Brand: NRS Healthcare
Product Code: M16877
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Product Code: M56528

This incredibly supportive walking frame supports your child from behind, promoting upright posture and trunk extension.

Made from lightweight aluminium, it’s an easy to manoeuvre frame that features a one directional soft rubber wheel which prevents backwards rolling. With swivelling front wheels, it’s skid-resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use and great for children with cerebral palsy or other neurological conditions. Suitable for medium, large, x large and XX large Nimbo Walkers.

The frame is finished with latex free handgrips to make it easy to hold onto and it's available in five sizes, from Small to Extra Extra Large.


XXL Specification Handlebar Height Range: 914 - 1041mm (36 - 41")
Overall Width: 736mm (29")
Width inside Handlebars: 482mm (19")
Depth opened at base: 939mm (37")
Weight 7kg (15lb)
Maximum User Weight: 113kg (17¾st)


 XL Specification Handlebar Height Range: 724 - 914mm (28½ - 36")
Overall Width: 648mm (25½")
Width inside Handlebars: 406mm (16")
Depth opened at base: 914mm (36")
Weight: 6kg (13lb)
Maximum User Weight: 86kg (13½st)


LARGE Specification Handlebar Height Range 584 - 775mm (23 - 30½")
Overall Width: 635mm (25")
Width inside Handlebars: 381mm (15")
Depth opened at base: 838mm (33")
Weight: 5kg (11lb)
Maximum User Weight: 68kg (10¾st)


Medium Specification Handlebar Height Range: 483 - 635mm (19 - 25")
Overall Width: 559mm (22")
Width inside Handlebars: 343mm (13½")
Depth opened at base: 737mm (29")
Weight 5kg (11lb)
Maximum User Weight 39kg (6st)
Small Specification Handlebar Height Range: 368 - 470mm (14 - 18½")
Overall Width: 533mm (21")
Width Inside Handlebars: 343mm (13½")
Depth opened at base: 635mm (25")
Weight: 4kg (8.8lb)
Maximum User Weight: 34kg (5st)


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