Voice Alarm Bed Sensor Mat

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Connects to the Voice Alarm System to let a carer know that a person has left their bed. You will need Voice Alarm Monitor M99769. See Related Products below.

Product Description

Mat is placed on top of the bed and under the bed sheets. The bed sensor mat is a popular choice as it ensures larger bed coverage so the user s movements can always be detected to avoid false alerts. Voice Alarm System - The new Voice Alarm System is for people at risk from falls when rising from their bed or chair and features alarm tone or voice message prompting alert. Voice Alarm provides a reliable, economic solution. A durable bed or chair sensor mat is connected to the monitor to detect a person in their bed or chair. If the person rises, the monitor beeper or voice prompt sounds until the alarm is reset. Suitable for falls prevention management at home or nurse and care homes using the optional Door Open Sensor and Wireless Pager Kit.

Specification750x450mm (29½x17¾")

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