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Buckingham Easywipe Bottom Wiper
PRODUCT PURPOSEFor people who find reaching their bottom difficult whilst on the toilet, this p..
Corner Shower Stool
This handy tripod seat fits neatly into the corner of the shower. The quadrant shaped seat is covere..
Disposable 2ply Face Mask
Lightweight economical paper mask offering basic facial protection. Easy to breathe and talk thro..
Ezee Plug Puller
Ezee Plug Pullers are designed to assist the elderly, arthritics and those who experience difficulty..
Fleece Heel Protectors - Pair
Pure wool heel protectors, bound around the edges for comfort and durability. Fitted with adjustable..
Gap Front Shower Stool:
Gap Front Shower Stool: provides for easy personal access. Spare (Gap front seat) Seat is clip ..
This self-adhesive, plastic-moulded t-piece fixes to the back of a standard three pin plug, and prov..
Home Safety Alert
Ideal for use in the domestic home - to alert a carer to the need for help Designed for indo..
Junior Caring Cutlery
Enables a child to grip the cutlery more easily and encourages self feeding.PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONWith ..
Liquid Level Indicator
Ideal for Cup, Glass or Mug! Ingenious device helps the user to pour liquid into a container, confid..
Ring Can Pull
The Canpull is a durable device especially designed for opening ring pull cans. Extremely easy to..
Senset Cleansing Foam
Clinically proven to help maintain healthy skin for those with incontinence. The foam gentle loosens..
Swivel Bather - Corner Baths
Features extendable tubes which are easily adjusted to accommodate most corner baths. Specification ..
TENS Machine
This compact tens machine has six different treatment regimes, automatically controlled to give a me..
Wet Floor Safety Sign
Wet Floor Safety Sign COPS124 Description: A lightweight Wet Floor Safety Sign made from highly dura..

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