Freerider City Ranger 6

Brand: Freerider
Product Code: City Ranger
VAT Type: None
Availability: In Stock

Model Number

Cityranger 6

Maximum Safe Slope

6 degree

Maximum Climbing Ability

8 degree

Overall Length

49 in.(124 cm)

Overall Width

24 in.(61 cm)

Total Weight with Batteries

192.5 lbs(87.5 kgs)

Total Weight Without Batteries

196 lbs(89 kgs)

Heaviest Price When Disassembled

47 lbs (21 kgs.) each

Turning Radius

42 in.(104.5 cm)

Speed (Maximum)


Range Per Charge


Ground Clearance

2.5 in.(6.4 cm)

Weight Capacity

22 stones(136 kgs)

Standard Seating

Type: Foldable Weight(w/armrests): 44 lbs(20 kgs) Material: Grey Vinyl


Dimensions: 18 in.(46 cm) width & depth Type: pneumatic Front and Rear: 10/12 in.

Battery Requirements

Type: two 12 volt, deep cycle, AGM or Gel-cell Size: 36 Ah(50Ah Option)

Battery Charger

off-board 5-amp charge







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