Household Aids

Household Aids
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Cordless Photophone
For people who have difficulty remembering phone numbers or limited dexterity. Pictures of frien..
Dementia Clock
This clock is ideal for people who have dementia and for whom this has affected their ability to rea..
Disposable Paper Bibs
Disposable bibs for use at mealtimes •Adhesive backing strip sticks easily clothing •Integral pock..
Doctor Cook Pan Set
This set of ergonomic pans from the award winning Doctor Cook consists of a 12cm milk pan, a 16cm pa..
Extra Wide  Stool
These height adjustable, extra wide stools have a durable epoxy coated steel frame, textured polyure..
Grip-on Chair Raisers
Grip-on Chair Raisers, suitable for use with furniture on castors or legs, these raisers grip on to ..
Security - Independence - Mobility - Confidence - Injury Prevention - Emergency Escape - Universal F..
Height Adjustable Chair Raiser
A Height Adjustable Chair Raiser for chairs with legs. Height adjustment is supplied by inserting bl..
Kettle or Teapot Tipper
This tipper allows the safe and steady pouring of hot liquids without lifting any weight. It is suit..
Kettle Tipper
The Kettle Tipper has a raised pivot point to prevent spillage (the kettle will return to its uprigh..
Long Transfer Board
Long Transfer Board   Enables people with good upper limb strength and sitting balanc..
Long-Handled Brush and Comb Set
Featuring extra-long, ergonomically-shaped handles with a comfortable rubber grip, this lightweigh..
Lumbar Support Cushion
The Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion has been designed to improve your posture and to help relieve pr..
Magiplug® Flood & Scald  Plug
The Magiplug® is a specially designed safety plug that reduces the risk of scalding and flooding by ..
Multi-Purpose Adjustable Stool
This versatile, multi-purpose aluminium stool can be used in a whole host of different settings arou..

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