Household Aids

Household Aids
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Multi-Purpose Adjustable Stool
Multi-Purpose Adjustable Stool This versatile, multi-purpose aluminium stool can be used in a..
No Bend Pet Bowl
  Is your current Cat Bowl or Dog Bowl hard to reach? Is feeding your pet every day diff..
Non Slip Lap Tray
Non Slip Lap Tray This durable non slip lap tray is made of wood coated with a synthetic resi..
Nose Cut-Out Beaker
Unique design enables drinking without tilting the head. The Nose Cut-Out Beaker is ideal for people..
Overbed or Chair Table
The Deluxe Over-bed/chair Table  is a handy and economic extra for the lounge or bedr..
Plastic Plate Gaurd
This easy to fit and remove Plastic Plate Guard fits tightly around the rim of any circular plate..
Shatterproof Mug
This attractive mug is made from a tough, shatterproof material to prevent accidental breakage. The ..
Short transfer board
Short Transfer Board   Enables people with good upper limb strength and sitting balan..
Stabiliser base for kettle/teapot/jug tipper
Stabiliser base for kettle/teapot/jug tipper. Can be used in conjunction with Kettle Tipper PR60011 ..
Stackable Pill Dispensing Tower
This ingenious pill dispensing tower has transparent compartments making it simple to check the tabl..
Talking Clock
Large face clock has a press button on top to activate a time announcement. Also features a digit..
Uccello Lightweight Power Pour Kettle and Tipper
  A lightweight, easy pour kettle. The Kettle has a non-weight-bearing ‘tilt and pour’ actio..
Urine or Catheter Bag Holder
The Urine or Catheter Bag Holder will accept all popular bags and can be used either freestanding or..
Wooden Bed/Chair Raisers
These traditional hardwood raisers offer both a 4in/10cm and 6in/15cm rise. They are simple to in..

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