Household Aids

Household Aids
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Bendable Cutlery
The spoons and forks in this range feature a twist in the metal shaft to allow them to be bent to t..
Bio Freeze
Biofreeze is a cryogel, which uses cold therapy to give fast, topical relief from pain associated wi..
Canterbury Overbed Table
The Canterbury Multi-Table is a convenient, mobile table for use around the home, particularly usefu..
Diabetic Socks
Irregularities of blood circulation and nerve damage caused by diabetes means that keeping your feet..
Disposable 2ply Face Mask
Lightweight economical paper mask offering basic facial protection. Easy to breathe and talk thro..
Disposable Napkins
From meals at the table to bedside feeding, giving medications, or anytime an unexpected fluid or ac..
Egg Cup With Suction Base
This convenient pair of Egg Cups from Aidapt have a suction cup on the base to keep the egg cups in ..
Ezee Plug Puller
Ezee Plug Pullers are designed to assist the elderly, arthritics and those who experience difficulty..
Ezee Turn Pad
These low friction discs slide against each other to allow the patient to be easily turned by carers..
Folding Multi Function Table
A folding Multi-Function Table that is ideal for dining and general use around the home (such as e..
Folding Stool
Folding Step Stool is the most handy tool ever. It folds up to be conveniently stored almost any pla..
Gell Cushion
Gel Comfort Cushion     The removable gel bag in this foam cushion is not only co..
This self-adhesive, plastic-moulded t-piece fixes to the back of a standard three pin plug, and prov..
Handy Bar
The Handybar provides support when getting out of a vehicle. The Handy Bar, with its soft grip, non..
Height Adjustable Trolley Walker
This Adjustable Height Trolley Walker is excellent for throughout the home! The Height Adjustable Tr..

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