Ladies Pouch Pants

Brand: Homecraft
Product Code: AA2741
VAT Type: None
Availability: Out Of Stock

These comfortable, brushed cotton briefs are designed with the pouch on the inside to help secure that the pad in place. The waterproof lining means they can accomodate most pads.
 Sizes quoted are hip size.
 Please order correct size no vat on these products:
AA2741A 800-860 mm, 32-34";
 AA2741A 800-860 mm, 32-34";
AA2741B 900-970 mm, 36-38";
 AA2741C 1000-1070 mm, 40-42";
 AA2741D 1100-1170 mm, 44-46";
 AA2741E 1210-1270 mm, 48-50";
AA2741F 1320-1370 mm, 52-54".


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