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 Wall Mounted Shower Seat
These wall mounted shower seats have a painted aluminium frame for durability. They have a moulde..
7" Vent Wrist Brace
  With 7˝ ventilated elastic for improved comfort and a vinyl casing with aluminium palmar b..
Baby Boa Constrictor
A versatile device that can be used to assist with turning or opening in hundreds of instances, insi..
Bendable Cutlery
The spoons and forks in this range feature a twist in the metal shaft to allow them to be bent to th..
Bio Freeze
Biofreeze is a cryogel, which uses cold therapy to give fast, topical relief from pain associated wi..
Blue Comfort Commode
This sturdy, stackable, metal commode has a padded vinyl toilet seat for comfort and support. The ..
Button Hook
A shaped stainless steel wire which assists one handed dressing by passing through the button hole a..
Button Hook & Zip Puller
This useful tool combines two products for the price of one. With a button hook on one end and a zi..
Children's Toilet Frame
A sturdy childrens toilet frame that provides additional support for children when going to the toil..
Clear Drinking Mug
This mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles, which enables it to be ..
Contour Turner
This device is used to give good leverage for turning small difficult items eg. gas or radiator taps..
Days Extra Wide Shower Chair
This comfortable shower chair features a supportive backrest and fixed armrests for additional safet..
Deltis Bath Lift
Compact frame fits virtually all bathtubs. Occupying the optimum amount of space, the compact fram..
Devon MKII Folding Support Rail
A deluxe version of the Devon rail MKI with a larger diameter rail for easier gripping, and a spri..
Dressing Stick
    This wooden stick with rubber tip at one end, and special double wire hook at th..

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