Help with Dressing

Help with Dressing
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Back Support Cushion
This three sectioned back cushion has wool pile fleece and a pure wool tartan on the reserve, this c..
Button Hook
A shaped stainless steel wire which assists one handed dressing by passing through the button hole a..
Button Hook & Zip Puller
This useful tool combines two products for the price of one. With a button hook on one end and a zi..
Diabetic Socks
Irregularities of blood circulation and nerve damage caused by diabetes means that keeping your feet..
Dressing Stick
  This wooden handle dressing stick has a large dressing hook at one end and a smaller loope..
Dressing Stick And A Shoehorn
Combines two functions in one aid - a dressing stick and a shoehorn. One end has a strong plastic..
Easy-To-Use Coilers
Easy to use coilers never need tying sold in pairs Available in black, brown and white &nbs..
Key Safe
Slimline KeySafe attaches securely to any wall or flat surface and holds 2-3 yale keys or 1-2 chubb ..
Kozee Leg Lifter
Flexible, simple and effective, The broad webbing cradles the foot, whilst the stiffened shaft allow..
Lambswool Feet Protectors
Comfortable slippers made from lambswool, to give comfort and protection to the whole foot. Supplied..
Long Handled Brush
The Long Brush is specially designed with the end user in mind, Brush or comb hair more easily with..
Massage Boot With Heat
The fleece-lined massage boot with heat features two powerful motors, separate heat control and two ..
Plastic Shoehorn
Plastic Shoehorn With Hook. Hooked handle offers a comfortable hold for fingers and may be used to p..
Ring Cushion
This donut-shaped Prxessure Relief Ring Cushion in memory foam reduces the pressure when sitting. It..
Thermal Bed Socks
These bed socks are available in sizes to suit ladies and gentlemen. The fabric they are made from r..

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