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Kettle Tipper
The Kettle Tipper has a raised pivot point to prevent spillage (the kettle will return to its uprigh..
Long Transfer Board
Long Transfer Board   Enables people with good upper limb strength and sitting balanc..
Long-Handled Brush and Comb Set
Featuring extra-long, ergonomically-shaped handles with a comfortable rubber grip, this lightweigh..
Lumbar Support Cushion
The Air Flow Lumbar Support Cushion has been designed to improve your posture and to help relieve pr..
Multi-Purpose Adjustable Stool
This versatile, multi-purpose aluminium stool can be used in a whole host of different settings arou..
Neo G Closed knee support
The Neo G VCS® closed knee support is only 2.5mm thick and provides a comfortable fit. Ideal for ..
Neo G Open knee support w/ patella
The Neo G VCS® open knee support provides a comfortable fit. The patella opening with stitched bu..
Non Slip Lap Tray
This durable non slip Lap Tray is made of wood coated with a synthetic resin for extra strength. The..
Nose Cut-Out Beaker
Unique design enables drinking without tilting the head. The Nose Cut-Out Beaker is ideal for people..
Over Door Exercise Pulley
Use the Over Door Exercise Pulleys to help improve range of motion and coordination following CVA; t..
Perching Stool
Enables people who are unable to stand for long periods of time to work in the kitchen, or wash in t..
Plastic Plate Gaurd
This easy to fit and remove Plastic Plate Guard fits tightly around the rim of any circular plate..
resistive exercise band thera-band
The Original and Number One Selling Exercise Band Worldwide. TheraBand® brand products comprise the ..
Shampoo Cap
Our shampoo caps washes, condition and rinse hair in one simple step, leaving the hair smelling fres..
Short transfer board
Short Transfer Board   Enables people with good upper limb strength and sitting balan..

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