Bed Accessories

Bed Accessories
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Adjustable Bed Backrest With Head Cushion
  he Birling Bed Back Rest is an ideal and versatile adjustable back rest for resting patien..
Bed Cradle
Bed Blanket Support in white plastic. asimple metal frame keeps blankets off feet and legs made of w..
Canterbury Overbed Table
The Canterbury Multi-Table is a convenient, mobile table for use around the home, particularly usefu..
Deluxe Overbed Or Chair Table
An elegant cantilever style table, adjustable in height and tilt. The top is laminated plastic wi..
Disposable Incontinence Sheets
Pack Quantity 50 pieces. These disposable absorbent bed pads are made from recycled materials. ..
Double Enclosed Matteress Protector
for those situations when only a complete zip on waterproof mattress cover will do the job. This p..
Double Mattress Protector
Excellent value, durable waterproof bedding protection. Easy to care for, simply wash or wipe down ..
Foam Bed Wedge Cushion
The Bed Wedge Cushion has been designed to provide upright or reclining support and is ideal for use..
Rope Ladder For Bed
The Rope Ladder Bed Hoist provides an easy way to sit up or change position in bed; simply attach th..
Tray Assist
Features an ergonomic grip to provide support in and out of any sofa, chair or recliner! The innovat..
 60x60 disposable bed pads
A range of under pads that are available in different sizesand absorbencies to provide protection fo..
Aidapt Bed Stick
The Solo Bedstick transfer aid assists transfer into and out of the bed. The bedstick passes below t..
Allergon Zipped Pillow Protector (47cmx73cm)
Allergon' Zipped waterproof pillow protector. Fits standard 47 x 73 cm pillow. Protects your p..
Deltis Swivel seat
Bathmaster Deltis Swivel Seat A swivel seat to fit the bathmaster Deltis. Aids the transfer on ..
Dementia Clock
This clock is ideal for people who have dementia and for whom this has affected their ability to rea..

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